Beauties of the month

by Ivana
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Once in a month I want to present you my favourite beauty products. Let´s start with the first article of this series.

Le Bain Shower Crystal Gel von JOOP!
I am a  big fan of Joops parfume Le Bain, so it´s clear that from time to time I invest in the same named shower gel. I just love the florental-oriental smell of it as well as the vanilla scent.

Mon Jasmin Noir von Bvlgari
This parfume was actually a b-day present and in the beginning I felt somehow to young to use it. To me it sented very mature. But now with time or because I am getting older I really do like its bloomy-woody scent. I use this parfume especially on days when I am needing more selfconfidence or want to feel a little bit more grown up.

Burberry Light Gold Nail Polish
I had to visit 4 Douglas Shops in Munich in order to find the right and the only Douglas Store who has Burberry make up in their product line. So i bought this golden shimmer nail polish and I have to commit that these lacquers are really of a great quality.

Moringa Body Butter
I really do love the scent of the white moringa flower so that i can´t get enough of Moringa Body Butter by Body Shop. Since I am big fan of Body Shops Body butters I can warmly recommend those to you.

Diadermine No 110 Huile de Beauté
The Diadermine No110 Huile de Beauté contains 110 drops of a youth elixir. Vitamin E, Vitamin F and oils of marula, macadamia and almond as well as antioxidants help the skin to keep smooth.

Sensai Kanebo Prime Solution
This emulsion contains specials proteins of the silk koishimaru and should be used in the morning and the evening. She is easily absorbed and makes the skin smooth.

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