Before getting a dog

by Ivana
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Before getting a dog or an animal in general, there are some facts that should be carefully considered. All baby animals especially puppies are so incredibly cute, that it´s not easy to resist not buying/adopting one. But for me as owner of two dogs there is nothing more terrible than hearing that dogs are given away after a certain time or even worse when I learn that they end up in an animal centre or on the street. Therefore, the purchase of a dog should be well thought out. Here are some useful information on this topic.

Time: Dogs are gregarious creatures. This means time for playing, for walking and cuddling must be available daily. The little darlings should also not be left alone all day long. So think about, if having a dog can be arranged with your work. Luckily more and more companies allow dogs at work. Maybe that’s an option for you or as in my case, perhaps the partner has different working hours, so that the doggies are almost never alone at home.

Holidays: With a dog you are not as independent as before. Booking a flight spontaniously and spending a weekend with your bff in an other city is no longer as easy like it was before. With a dog you can not plan holidays on the fly. First of all you have to decide if you want to take the dog with you or if you have someone who is trusty enough so that you can leave the dog at his oder hers place. And if you decide to leave the dog at a friends house, that person must be well selected, otherwise you will worry during your holidays and will not enjoy them. Maybe it is also an option to let the dog stay in a kennel.

Money: Yes an animal costs money, much less for food, more for the annual vaccinations, the dog tax, and if the four-legged friend is sick, the expensive vet visits. This is not to underestimate – a surgery can easily cost you 800 euros. And if you take your dog on holidays with you, more money must be scheduled. The good hotels charge 15 € per night / per dog. This is still acceptable, much more you have to pay for example for the train tickets, especially if the trip goes abroad. In this case it can happen that the tickets for the dog are even more expensive than for yourself. This happened to us on our city trip to Munich. It may also depend on money if you are going to purchase or to adopt a dog – but on this topic soon more.

Renter and neighbours: Well there may be troubles if you have neighbours who are not dog-friendly. In this case just ignore them and enjoy your life 🙂 Unfortunately it´s not that easily to handle with renters. First you have to clarify whether doggies are allowed in the apartment.  Tip: When I signed my very first contract, it included the clausel, that dogs are not allowed. When signing the contract, I informed the property management that I do own a dog and I was told that this is not a problem and the contract was modified promptly. So do not be scared if you read such clauses, go forward and negotiate.