Brass Monkey: A Greek Cupcake Story

by Ivana
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In this section “Viennese” I want to write about migration and integration and I would like to start the series with the nice Greek Athina and her cupcake shop Brass Monkey, located in the Street Gumpendorfer 71. Athina comes, as her first name suggests, from Athens. The first time she came to Vienna was when she was a student.  She felt so hard in love with that beautiful city that she decided to move to Vienna one day. She always had a passion for baking so that she realized her dream of having a small bakery & coffee shop.

In addition to cupcakes she offers there also other delicious cakes, coffee and other beverages. According to Athina the demand for vegan sweets is growing so that she is offering at least two vegan cupcake varieties per day. On Mondays there are even up to six vegan varieties.

The preparation of cupcakes is based on the American principle, so they are made with cream cheese and not with quark. In this context, it is important to note that all cakes are baked fresh daily.

Athina’s assortment also includes some exclusive products, imported from Greece like various types of Greek honey and Greek olive oils.

The coffee at Brass Monkey is made from 100% Arabica beans.

What are the differences between Vienna and Athens? According to Athina is Vienna  much more organized and less hectic than Athens. And how often does Athina visit Athens? Every summer the Brass Monkey closes for one month for deserved summer holidays in Greece.