Spa holidays with dogs

by Ivana
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Travelling with dogs is unfortunately not that easy and often associated with stress, so we decided to stay in our beloved Austria this summer and to have short holidays at a wellness and spa hotel near Vienna. It was important to us that our destination is accessible by public transport. Since we have read an interesting article about the very dog-friendly hotel Larimar one year ago and could not forget about this hotel, our decision about where to go and where to stay was made very quickly.

We booked a garden room, since all guests with dogs are asked to choose such a room, because those are offering many benefits for the four-legged friends. There is a separate entree for the dogs on the same floor, so that you can get faster to the dog pond and also let the dog take a shower afterwards. For those who are thinking that this separe extrance is a dog-unfriendly matter, keep calm, the dogs can also use the entrance hall of the hotel of course. Only the restaurant, spa and the swimming area are a dog-free zone due to hygienic reasons.

By the way, the hotel bar is accesible with dogs, so on the day of departure we relaxed there and were drinking cocktails while waiting for the taxi to come. The taxi is included in the service of Hotel Larimar, so you don´t have to pay extra for it, if you choose to be picked up at the bus stop station in Stegersbach from where the bus is arriving or departing to Vienna.

Before I forget, the price of a bus ticket (Dr. Richard) per direction per dog is 13.40 EUR. Our doggies had no troubles while travelling by bus. Only on the arrival day Naomi throwed up once, but we made it to clean up and to hide the mass otherwise we would have been charged. So we saved 35 EUR 🙂 This penalty is also to pay, if the dog is answering the call of nature.

But now back to the sweet garden room, which includes a balcony and a grassy area, so that the little darlings have a great time for sure. There were also a surprise gift for the four-legged: dry food from Rinti. Furthermore our room had two bowls and two large dog beds. To our positive surprise, it is allowed in Larimar to leave dogs alone in the room. Therefore each room has a “do not disturb shield” for doggies, so that the Larimar staff knows, that this room is currently not to be cleaned up. Naomi and Flacky were so nice to bury some denta stix in the garden of our room as a gift for the following doggy guests.

The price per dog per night is 15 EUR and is therefore not higher than in other four star hotels. Dog food is not included and must be brought. In Larimar you feel that dogs are really welcomed – for us the most dog-friendly hotel so far.