by Ivana
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The last few weeks have been full of weddings. First of all I want wish to all newlyweds a happily ever after. And what follows in the best case right after the wedding day? Yesssss Honeymoon πŸ™‚ That’s why I was inspired to tell you about my memorable honeymoon.

My hubby wanted to spend the honeymoon either on the Maldives or on the Seychelles. That was totally fine with me, because I always dreamed about spending holidays on the Maldives. For us it was very important to start the journey one day right after the wedding. After an extensive online research, Iwan got an eye on the Lily Beach Resort located on the island Huvahendhoo.

Since we knew the travel destination, the resort and the timing of our holidays we were looking for a tui travel agency to regulate everything. In sum we spend 7.340 EUR for 10 days. Much money, yes, but we have never regret it. We believe in happily ever after and that love lasts forever, so this should stay our first and last honeymoon. πŸ™‚ By the way you can spend holidays on Maldives for the half price of it, if you take an already existing offer of a travel agency. In our case we existed to travel on a certain date, to a certain location and for a certain period as well as to stay in a 5 stars resort all inclusive. For those who are now thinking “rich bitch” – no you are totally wrong – we worked hard, saved for a long time and invested in this occasion, because we wanted something special and memorable. And if you ask us, it was honeymoon, that remained unforgettable in our memories.

Now few words about the Lily Beach Resort. For honeymooners they have many specials prepared: couples massage, a romantic candle light dinner, champagne and cake, a flower bath and so on. A super friendly staff, great tasty food and delicious cocktails included. Each dinner had a motto: French night, Mediterranean night, Maldivian night, Asian night etc.

Shortly to all prejudices against Maldives. Well life is unfortunately like that, few times we really had to justify why we have just chosen this destination for our honeymoon. Let’s start with the weather. Some wanted to tell us that in September there is only rain and no sunny days on the Maldives. In fact there was a burning sun every day. Sure, it rained off and on, but that was usually quite short and it was a pleasant cooling. An other prejudice was that on Maldives it must be totally boring, because you can do nothing there the whole day except lazying on the beach. Totally wrong!

There were so many activities that could be booked. We were informed daily at breakfast about the possibilities. So you could watch a fish congregate, because they know that they would be fed in the evening. There was a diving school and snorkeling was offered, as well as trips to a local island to see how the Maldivians live.

We had also taken a lesson about the Maldives and so learned many interesting facts about the history and the future of the Maldives. So we have learned that the weather is unpredictable since the tsunami  in 2004 and that there is no longer this winter and summer season as before since the tsunami. We have also learned, in the case that the Maldives should actually go under one day, the new Maldives would be located in Australia. I can only hope that this paradisiacal part of our earth will be preserved for a long time in the Indian Ocean and will remain in the Indian Ocean despite the predictions that Maldives will be flooded on day.

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