Must have of the month: Dream Pink Collection

by Ivana
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Every month I want to introduce to you my absolute favorite product. This could be a handbag, a lipstick or a clothing item. The winner in October is the Pink Dream Collection by Estée Lauder. This year I have chosen the clutch, which is filled with a lipstick (Pure Color) and two nail polishes (Blushing Lilac, Berry Hot).

The Breast Awareness Campaign was launched in 1992 by Evelyn Lauder. A pink ribbon was chosen as a symbol for breast health. Nowadays its meaning is well known internationally. The campaign aims to raise the attention on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, which is crucial for a chance at healing. Each year, the brand Estée Lauder creates products. The money raised supports global research, education as well as medical services.

Another aim of the Breast Awareness Campaign, whose ambassador is Liz Hurley since many years, is also to break the taboo of not being able to talk openly about this disease. Millions of woman are diagnosted with breast cancer and it´s the second most commen cancer worldwide. This means cancer can affect anyone, the best friend, the neighbour, the own aunt or oneself. In my case, I had very early lost my mother to this insidious disease.

Cancer Awareness is a big concern for me personally and thats why I support the Estée Lauder BCA Campaign with my fashion buys each year.

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