Buying or adopting a dog?

by Ivana
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Before getting a dog a huge decision has to be made. Shall we buy or shall we adopt a dog? Well, we have experienced both. We bought Naomi and adopted Flacky. My hubby surprised me with Naomi for our second anniversary. She was bought from a dogbreeder in Slovakia. I clearly remember the day when I got a call from my hubby who insisted that I should come home immediately, because something happened. I kinda felt that there was something going on and was excited what this could be. When I came home i found a box in the livingroom and in it was a cute Cocker Spaniel, my favourit dog breed. My hubby new that since I already had in the past a Spaniel for 12 years.

Two years later we adopted Flacky. This was not planned, but a real good friend of mine posted on facebook a pic of him and we could not resist. We felt so sorry that this cute little boy was homeless and we decided spontaneously to go to Bratislava and to take him home with us. Our slovak friend helped us wth the communication, since neither Iwan nor I do speak Slovakian, like mentioned in this article before.

It is a really sad fact, that there are so many homeless dogs. When we picked up Flacky, there was for example also a baby Cocker Spaniel and my heart bleeded leaving him behind. But three dogs would just have been to much since we only do have a flat and not a house. We´ve chosen Flacky, who was 1 year old at that time, because we thought, that the other dog had better chances to be adopted because he was still a puppy.

Now let´s talk about the differences between adopting and buying a dog? First of all it depends on how money you are able or willing to spend on getting a dog? Adopting a dog is usually more affordable. Buying a puppy is more expensive. We got Flacky for free, but usually you have to pay money to the animal centre for taking care of the dog and the veterinary costs.

You also should be aware of, if you prefer a puppy or an older dog, because most homeless dogs are already fully grown. Some people may think that older dogs are not house trained or that it is easier with a puppy. Well in our case it was the opposite. Flacky was after only one day house trained while Naomi needed 8 months.

I just have one bad memory when it comes to adoptation. We really had to struggle for more than a half year with Flackys health. He had a bad immune system and was for a longer period ill, but thanks to god he recovered.

Flacky has such a good heart. He is a good dog. We do love both dogs equally, but after our experiences we can say that we would never again buy a dog. With adopting a dog you are doing a good thing, there are to many homeless dogs in our world, that deserve love, home and a better life.