City trip with dogs

by Ivana
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Autumn is perfect for city trips. To escape the everyday life is always a good idea. So I want to tell you about our last city trip. We have spent few days in Munich with our dogs. This was our first city trip with dogs and we have learned a lot. Here an overview. I hope there are also some useful tips for you.

The first decision you have to make is probably, if you are going to travel by car or by train. If you have a car take this opportunity. You are more flexible and don´t think you are going to save any money by leaving the car at home. We have paid for example for the train tickets for the dogs more than for ourselves. We paid 50 € per dog per direction and for us we paid only about 30 € per person per direction. Don´t forget to book also a seat for the dogs. Heh? A seat for the dogs although they are not allowed to take the seat? Yes, that´s true, but you need space while travelling with dogs. Your legs are going to be thankful and you dont´t want to fight with other passengers for space. Be also aware of, that in some countries dogs are only allowed at night trains. This is the case with Italy for example. Germany and especially Austria are very dog friendly so you can travel by train also during the day. A good tip: don´t leave the train when it stops at other stations to go for a walk with your dog. The breaks are too brief and you might miss the train. We saw that happening to an older woman with her dog. That´s definitively not a funny situation.

When it comes to accomandation nowadays it´s so easy to find one. Many hotels are dogfriendly. We stayed at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. This hotel is amazing and very dogfriendly. It is also allowed to leave the dogs at the hotel room. You just have to inform the reception and of course the dogs should not bowwow. We did not have this luck, so we had to take Naomi and Flacky the whole time with us. Next time we are planning a city trip we are going to book an apartment – maybe this works for Naomi and Flacky to stay alone for few hours, since they do not like hotel rooms.

Sightseeing with dogs is different. On some places dogs are forbidden, so you have to skip few destinations probably. In Munich we wanted to visit the English Garden where dogs are allowed and this place is going to stay unforgettable to us. No, not because it is so overwhelming, more because we almost have lost our beloved Naomi. At the English Garden there is the river Isar. Since Naomi loves water and swimming she jumped in although we have forbidden it and the water floated her away. I was in panic and was screaming while Iwans´ first reaction was to run after Naomi and thanks god he made it to save her. We will never forget this happening and we do never ever unleash our dogs without knowing the place well.

You should also inform yourself if dogs are allowed in public transports. While it is in Austria something totally ordinary, in many other countries dogs are not allowed in public buses, trains etc. You should also check out the situation with taxis. In Munich it was not a problem to get to the English Garden with a taxi, but we had to walk the whole route back, because we could not find a dogfriendly taxi driver. They all refused to give us a drive.

A city trip can be very nerve-wracking for a dog. They don´t know exactly what´s going on and are anxious. Next time we are going to consult our vet and get some travel medicine for the dogs. Simply because a travel should be as much as pleasent also for the dogs.

We are looking forward to our next city trip and after this experience we are definitively going to improve our travel planning.