A cute dog adoption story

by Ivana
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Today I want to tell you a story about a close friend of mine Mira and her dog Bosna. Many of you may be confused about the dog name. Yes the lovely dog is named after the country it comes from. My friend, working for the ERSTE Foundation in Vienna, was on a business trip or better said mission in Bosnia and Hercegovina and she immediately fell in love with the cute little four-legged friend. Mira was not planning to adopt a dog, but it happpened in the end. Returning to Vienna she just could not stop thinking about this little dog and so she decided to go back to Bosnia for the dog. Adopting a dog within the European Union is much easier than adopting a dog from an European country outside the Union. You can´t cross the state borders just like that. You need several documents. Mira will inform us a little bit on this topic. I have to mention that Bosna was a homeless dog. At the Balkans there are too many of them. For me it is also very heartbreaking to see all the strays when I am visiting my homecountry Serbia. I hope one day the Balkans are going to solve this problem, at least I know that Serbia is working on this, I hope the other countries too.  So back to my Slovak friend Mira and her dog Bosna. Here´s the interview:

Why have you decided to adopt a dog?
I love dogs. I had a dog in the past, Leo, who passed away last year. I was not completely ready for a new dog but Bosna just happened. In Bosnia there are many dogs living on the street. If you want to give one a home, you can choose between the color, the size, nearly between everything. I just couldn´t resist.

How long did the adopting process take?
One month or longer. I had to go back to Vienna of course, but I asked two colleagues in Bosnia for help and they were so kind to manage everything. They were taking care of the dog and went to veterinarian and got me all the needed documents for crossing the state borders.

How did the dog behave after the adoption?
In the beginning for Bosna it was not easy. She was totally scared. She did not recognize me and she had no clue what was going on, so that I had some doubts. I was not sure, If I was doing the right thing, because the whole situation was very stressful for the dog. I took one week holidays to take care of her. She was very skinny, like a sceleton. She only had 6kg, now she has 12kg.

How old was Bosna when you got her?
7 months.

Which vaccinations and documents were needed?
Anti-rabies inoculation and all the other usual vaccionations for puppies. The dog has also to have a chip. Further you need an exit permission from a certain institution.

Why did you give her the name Bosna?
I used this name in the very beginning just as a working title for the adoption project. I did not intend to keep this name, because first she was very gentle and I though that this name does not fit her character. But it turned out that she is very temperamental and a wild one and so the name suddenly fitted. I associate Bosnians as rough. And when I am mad at her I call her Hercegovina 🙂 I know that this is not political correct to call a dog like that, but I don´t mean that in a bad way.

What do you suggest to people who are willing to adopt a dog?
In the beginning you have to be very patient until the dog gets used to it´s new environment and until the dog learns everything. Bosna for example had huge skin problems so we were very often at the veterinarian.

I want to thank Mira for the interview and all these informations. If you want to know how Flackys adoption proceeded, click here.