Dog´s Gift Guide

by Ivana
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We love to put some presents for our dogs under the Christmas tree. This has become our tradition and I am sure all the dog mums and dog dads out there understand this. That´s why today´s gift guide is all about dogs. And I really mean dogs and not the dog owners, that´s why feeding bowls and dog leashes are inappropriate in this case. A dog does not care how his feeding bowl looks like as long as it is some food in it. And dogs do not care how the leashes looks like as long as they get their walk. But dogs do care about treats and toys and the Christmas time is the best time of the year to spoil your dog.

1. Usually all dogs love cudly toys. How about this one from Ikea?

2. I love surprise boxes for dogs. They are usually filled with several treats and toys.

3. This Kong toy is for example available at Amazon and it can be filled with snacks. So it combines the two most common pleasures of dogs: playing and eating.

4. Dogs love to have their own place. In a flat a doggy bed is the best solution.

5. Okay, a dog will not recognize if the cookies are personalized or not, but it´s a cute idea.

6. Christmas tree shaped treats are perfect for this occasion.