Happy New Year 2015

by Ivana
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Happy New Year everybody. I am very excited about 2015. I always loved the number 15. That´s why I am pretty sure that this year has to be amazing. 15 was my lucky number so far. My hubby and I do celebrate anniversary on 15th September for example. We made it to buy a flat in Vienna in the 15. district. Our honeymoon villa on the Maldives had the number 15 and so on. And what about the goals for this year? Well last year my list was actually very long and I completed 60 percent of it. But for this year I do only have one task. I have to be more self-confident, that´s it. And the most important fact, my biggest wish is going to be fulfilled this year. That´s why I do have so much trust in 2015. Of course I will share this big news with you soon on the blog. I do wish you all much love, happiness, success and the most important thing health. And don´t forget to dream big and to go for your dreams! Happy new year 2015! Cheers!