Crazy facts about Naomi

by Ivana
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Naomi is my second dog and my second cocker spaniel. My very first dog was named Doris. This two dogs have something in common: their craziness. Flacky is very calm and introverted. He is really a good dog, but Naomi is totally lively, cheeky and loud. Our veterinarian told us, that red cocker spaniels are naughty while the black ones are very calm. When it comes to my experiences, I can totally confirm this. Here are some of the craziest but also cutest characteristics of Naomi:

1. She is very extroverted. She is showing her feelings all the time. She lets you know if she is happy or sad or angy.

2. She is a picky eater. She is not a fan of dog food. She prefers to starve and to throw up than to eat something she does not like. Thats why we have very often to cook for her. And if we are lazy then she gets a plain hamburger from McDonalds, or french fries, or tuna. This are the things she loves.

3. She likes fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, zucchinis, corn and water melones are her favorites.

4. She is very sensitive. If you are sick or sad, she is going to be there for you. She kisses your tears away and she cheers you up.

5. She loves water and swimming (here is the evidence pic). She also does not mind life-threatening situations like you can read here.

6. She loves having visitors. If the cell phone is ringing, she is running to the entrance door, because she thinks somebody is coming to visit us.

7. She loves and trusts people. She thinks that all people are kind and dogfriendly. On the contrary she does not like other dogs. She is avoiding them on the street and in the park. She just likes Flacky, but she has no other choice 🙂

8. She is quarrelsome. She always has to have her way. Otherwise she is going to bow-wow and to snarl. She always has to have the last word, even when she knows that she´s wrong.

9. If I do go to bed earlier than my hubby, he is not allowed to follow. As soon as he enters the sleeping room, Naomi starts to bow-wow, so he has no other choice than to sleep at the couch in the living room.

10. If we are traveling by train or by car she has to look out of the window in order to be calm (here is the evidence pic).

11. Although she is very quarrelsome, when it comes to get her own will, she does not like discussions at all. If Flacky was a bad dog (this happens maybe twice a year), she is defending him immediately. If my hubby and I do have a discussion, she starts to bow-wow and takes always my side.

If you also do have a dog with crazy characteristics, I´d love to know.