Walk-in Closet Reorganization

by Ivana
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When we moved into our apartment years ago, I was thrilled to see that we are having a walk-in closet, something very ordinary for the States, but still rare in Europe. But somehow we never found time to renovate and redocorate it the way we would loved it to be, so we left it that way how the previous flat owner used to have it. Finally we found time and invested energy and money into our dream walk-in closet. I always knew that the wall color has to be a strong blue, inspired by the Sex and the City movie and the blue of Carrie’s apartment. Besides blue is my absolute favorite color, like you can read here.

Since our walk-in closet is not that big and we do have too many stuff, we decided to put in just clothes we are sure we are going to wear this season. The other clothes we put in our storage places in our lobby. Since we do have a flat in an old building, we are happy to have such storage places in our walls of the lobby. So we are going to clear out our closet once in a while, what’s a good thing in the end, so we can get rid of clothes we don’t like anymore or that are out of fashion.

Rearranging the closet was also a great opportunity to say goodbye to many things we were not using for a longer period. We either donated them, put in the trash or sold them at a home fashion flew party (an article on this topic is coming soon!). Since our clothes closet is rather small, we decided to work with the Algot system from Ikea in order to get the maximum space.

Thank god my hubby is very understanding and so he let me rearrange the closet fully the way I wanted it to be. He was also so kind to set up the the Algot system completely on his own. Thanks for that my love!