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by Ivana
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What to do on a rainy weekend? I´d say stay at home, invite your bestie to come over, watch a good movie and indulge yourself in beauty rituals. Here come the products I have tested lately: Shiseido Body Creator Sculping Gel, Dior Rouge Diorific – nr. 009 chic, Skin Luminizer Foundation by Max Factor, Ringana Tooth Oil, It’s Potent! Benefit Eye Cream

Shiseido Body Creator Sculping Gel
Summer time is beach time, so if you do have cellulite, it’s time to make them disappear. I used several products and this one is the ultimate winner. Watch out! After applying your skin gets cold and starts to burn, so don’t use this product if you are sensitive.

Dior Rouge Diorific – nr. 009 chic
This rouge is currently one of my favorites and with sun protection factor 8 the perfect choice for hot summer days.

Skin Luminizer Foundation by Max Factor
This make up with intensiv color is perfect for sun kissed skin. If you do have a sallow skin, don´t apply this make up in order to avoid the mask effect. Also don´t forget to use a day cream, otherwise your skin gets dry.

Ringana Tooth Oil
I was convinced by a neighbour to give this tooth oil a try. Since then I am using it every day. I like the idea of doing something for my teeth between the meals. This product consists of natural ingredients and is affordable.

It’s Potent! Benefit Eye Cream
I have to confess that most of the time applying eye cream is just not part of my daily beauty routine. Somehow very often I simple forget or I am in hurry and skip the eye cream. So I promised to myself that I’ll change this 🙂 Currently I am using It’s Potent Benefit eye cream. This cream reduces dark under-eye circles and moisturizes your skin.


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