House Rules

by Ivana
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My hubby and I moved in together in 2008 after 9 months of relationship. We´ve never sat down to discuss any house rules and somehow this works for us from the very beginning. It was never necessary to create a list of household rules or a time schedule. Over time we established unconsciously some philosophies that we follow.

The one who is eating has control over the tv program
We both do love to watch tv while eating. Since we are seldom dining at the same time, somehow we´ve created our very own rule of etiquette: the one who is eating decides what we are watching on tv. An unspoken law that we both follow without resistance.

The kitchen is a non-shared area
Somehow we don´t like to be together at our kitchen at the same time. We both do love to cook, but rarely together. When it comes to cooking we both do need our space. Besides Iwan is using the kitchen also as our smoking area, so he always throws out the dogs and me, so that the smoke doesn´t harm us.

Flexible housekeeping
We´ve never laid down house rules, they established with time. We both do not care who of us is running the household as long as our apartment is clean at the end of the day. The one who has time and energy cleans the house. We never had controversy over it. Besides we do complement each other. For example Iwan does not like ironing and dusting, but I do. Therefor he likes to water the plants, to hoover up and to change the bedclothes. Maybe there is one important rule when it comes to housekeeping: we are a team!

Smoking only in the kitchen and at open window
Our whole apartment is a non-smoking area with the exception of the kitchen. Also guests have to follow this rule, especially since I am and always was a non-smoker. I love the fact, that this houserule was established by Iwan and that it´s important for him that the smoke doesn´t affect me and the dogs negatively.

House rules for Naomi & Flacky
There´s just one houserule for our dogs. After every walk the paws have to be cleaned. Naomi follows this rule and walks into the bath without resistance, while Flacky has to be tricked into the bath. For us this houserule is very important because our doggies are allowed to be on the couch and to sleep in our bed.