New tunic dress and new hair color

by Ivana
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This week I want to show you my new tunik dress by CONLEYS BLUE with shoulder cut-outs and raglan sleeves and yes some of you may recognize that I do have a new hair color. I went from blondie to brownie. It was just time for a little change, so I went back to my natural hair color. In the beginning it was a little bit odd, but now I love it. While my hubby liked it from the beginning on, the surrounding is still very irresolute, some prefer me with blond and some with brown hair. And while people say blondes do have more fun, there are also some benefits as brunette. I do look older with brown hair. Now you are probably thinking that I am crazy and why should looking older be a good thing. Well I always had the luck that I looked much younger than I really was what’s of course a blessing, but unfortunately if you do look much younger as you really are people may not take you as serious as they should! Just because you are looking that young and fresh. In some situations for example in your work life or if you are looking for a job it can be of advantage if you do look mature. Or when you are buying some alcohol and you don´t have to show your ID card every time. When your surrounding starts take you more serious, this boosts your self confidence automatically and this can lead to more success. Suddenly you may found yourself in a circle of win-win situations. That’s why changes are for good! Good start to the week everybody!

Here comes a shnapshot of me in the dress.

Bracelet: Gab & Ty