Must have of the month: Earrings Holder

by Ivana
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I am a huge fan of jewels holders. As to me they have two important functions. On the one hand they make our home prettier, since they are used as decorative interiors, on the other hand they remind me of what I have. With time and years a girls´jewels collection is growing, so that it is easily to forget the one or the other piece. Today I want to show you my newest jewels holder: an earring holder by Impressionen at a price of only 9,95 €. I´ve chosen the leo-model, a girl with a polka-dotted dress and a striped hairbow. Preferably I would have bought all three models, but because of the lack of space I´ve sticked to this one. There is just one minus, there is only place for 5 pairs of stud earrings, but you can also use the table to place more models.