Tips for a summer vacation with dogs

by Ivana
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Naomi and Flacky are part of our family, so for sure we want to have them on vacation with us as often as possible. We have learned a lot within the past 5 years. As much as it is fun to have a dog on vacation with you, sometimes it also can be risky and tedious. There is definitely more organizational effort to make before enjoying the summer, sun, sand and the sea with your four-legged friend.

Get a vet check-up
Make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations as well as a passport in case you are making holidays outside your home country.

Keep you dog occupied and calm during travel
Have your dog´s favorite toys as well as bones and other dog treats with you to comfort your dog so that your little darling is much as possible relaxing during the travel.

Make sure you bring natural tranquilizer
In case your dog gets overexcited during travel you should manage to have some tranqulizer at hand.

Carry water
Special no-spill traval bowls you´ll find in pet supply stores.

Keep your dog on a short leash
That´s essential when exploring new places. We´ve done once the mistake to unleash our dogs in a totally new city and park and almost lost Naomi like you can read here.

Bring a special balm for paws
Because of the hot weather asphalt also gets hot and burns your dogs´paws. It´s essential to buy a special balm at a pet store before going on a summer vacation with your dog.

Be aware of higher costs
For travelling with train the price of the ticket for your dog may be higher than for your own ticket. We´ve experienced this once when we spend few days in Munich in Germany like you can read here.

Research politics regarding dogs
Make sure that the hotel or cottage welcomes dogs. Inform yourself if dogs are allowed on the beach or if there is a beach nearby where dogs are allowed, as well as if public means of transport welcome dogs. In Austria for example you can have dogs with you in buses, trams, the underground etc. while in Slovenia it is forbidden.

Pack a pet travel kit
Bring enough food for the entire vacation just in case you cannot find a pet supply store on your stay.

If you do have additional tips I´d love to know. 🙂