House No.1

by Ivana
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Last week I introduced to you the lovely town Piran and announced that we stayed at House No.1. This lovely townhouse is located in Tomšičeva ulica 1, in Piran, Slovenia. It is just one minute (or even less) away from the sea and few minutes away from the Tartini square. You have everything you desire nearby. Grocery stores, good restaurants, even the dogfriendly beach. House No 1 is also just few minutes away from the city Portoroz, that´s another plus. The house is a five storey buildung. On the top you´ll find the balcony. Downstairs there´s the bath and the foyer. On the first floor you can make it yourself convenient in the kitchen. We used to have breakfast and to watch tv every day. On the other floors you´ll find the bedrooms. We have visited once the market and enjoyed spaghetti with shrimps and veggies on the balcony. The interior is very Mediterranean and maritime. Everything is white and blue and very comfortable. This house is also dogfriendly and believe me it was not that easy to find a house for rent in Piran, where dogs are allowed. House No. 1 is also just few minutes away from the city Portoroz.

House No 1. belongs to the lovely Grega Malahovsky. Why lovely? Because he was so kind to us. He did not just welcomed us in Piran. Furthermore he offered to pick us up at the train station in the nearby city Koper, and on the way to Piran he showed us the Slowenian landscape. He informed us about the countryside and the Slovenian products like various kinds of olive oil. On the departure day he also asked to bring us to the train station and he made some stops to show us some special locations nearby. Where else do you have such a service? Currently you´ll have to pay around 150 eur per night for the House No. 1. Believe me this is not much for this beautiful home. It´s worth every cent! Furthermore we had to deposit 100 eur in case something goes broken. We got the sum back on the departure day, because we left the house clean. So he is also very reliable and an honest person too. We have such great memories so that we will definitely come back one day.

One of the bedrooms.

The beautiful white and blue colored stairs.

The beautiful blue bathroom.

Me in front of the House No. 1

Photos: Grega Malahovsky/