Summer Holiday Must haves

by Ivana
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Two weeks left until our holidays in Barcelona! Can´t wait for the time to pass by. Because of work this are going to be our only beach holidays this summer, but we are happy that we will make it to get away for few days anyway. As I told you already here, the plan was not to spend so much money on sale and to save money for Barcelona. We believe that Barcelona is one of the best cities for shopping in Europe. Well, I was not able to resist and so I had to invest my money in some tunics and dresses. With a little help from the universe I found the catalogue of Bonprix, what made me save money. As the brand name reveals, at Bonprix you can get fabulous stylish clothes for a good price and you don´t have to feel guilty after shopping. When I think of Bonprix, I remember my life as a student. I was always very excited when holding the catalogues of Bonprix and La Redoute in my hands. Back then my girlfriends and I, we were more into going shopping and ordering from catalogues than buying online. Well that changed definitely! Today I can´t image my life without online shopping. Whatever you prefer, Bonprix offers it all, catalogue, online and in-store shopping.

Here what I bring on my holidays:

1. A deep ocean blue colored one-shoulder dress by BODYFLIRT, that is elegant and feminine and an eyecather in every cocktailbar.

2. A mandarin-red colored tunic in ethnic look with crochet applications by RAINBOW.

3. My beloved tunic by Conleys, which I already introduced to you few weeks ago here.

4. My brand new Kaftan by Star Mela, that I bought via Impressionen.

Find more beautiful dresses and tunics below in the gallery. Happy shopping!