After Holiday Blues

by Ivana
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Do you know this feeling? Right after coming back from holidays to desire so badly to travel away again? I always feel like that, when coming back to Vienna from southern regions, like now from Barcelona. My hubby says the after holiday blues is so typical for me. The first days after our arrival I feel sad and mad about being back. I also start thinking about how it would be to say forever goodbye to Vienna, to start a new life somewhere else. I´d prefer a region with lots of sun, sand and of course a sea. 🙂 If I could decide I would pick Greece (since I have studied new greek) or Spain (of course Barcelona). Don´t get me wrong, I love Vienna, it´s a gorgeous city, but I simply do miss the sea. Iwan is dreaming for years now to move to Kanada. He often says, that if he wouldn´t have met me, he would live probably all over the world. Well we all have to sacrifice something for true love. 🙂

As a teenager I was so sure that one day I would re-emigrate. With the passing of the years, some dreams get buried. And now an emigration would be hard. It takes some courage to start all over somewhere else, to find new jobs, a new home, new friends and probably to learn a new language. Thumbs up for those who are courageous enought! 🙂 The hardest thing for me would be to leave my family behind me. I can not imagine a life without my brother and his kids. That´s why the beautiful city Vienna will probably be forever my home. But what would we be without our sweet little dreams.