Beauties of the month

by Ivana
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It´s time for a round beauties of the month and some news. Again one month is over and in Austria the last week was really frosty, autumn has arrived. I still hope that we will have some late summer sunny days. I still don´t want to give up on my beloved summer dresses, although I am also a big fan of autumn. Actually I do love all four seasons. And there are some things to look forward in autumn. There are going to be some changes on the blog and I am really excited. We are working on some design changes and I can´t wait to start to realize them. is also going to turn one year and there will be a giveaway to celebrate the first birthday of the blog. I am going to attend the FashionCamp Vienna like last year and I am participating at the Otto Blog Award. My hubby and I are also celebrating our anniversary soon and Naomi and Flacky are having their birthdays. So autumn is going to be excited.

But for now let´s continue with some beauty products I currently love:

Quick Dry Nail Spray by H&M
Something I really really really swear by. It is suggested to apply this spray 60 seconds after the application of your nail lacquer. Recently I had an appointment and I was in such a hurry, that I did not even have this one minute. So I used the spray right after applying my nail polish and guess what? This worked out! My nails remained beautiful with no scratches. This spray for nails dries and seals perfectly!

Re-firm Wrinkle Lift Capsules by Artemis
I am a fan of capsules. I like the idea of proportioned daily care. The first time I´ve ever used capsules, I reported here. This time I tried out the re-firm wrinkle lift capsules by Artemis and I loved them. The skin gets smooth and the lift effect is visible after few days!

Tinties Lip Butter by Royal Apothic
O´MaraI have to use lip care daily, so I have a bright selection in stock. Currently I love this lip balm by Royal Apothic. This product has been designed by Sean O´Mara in West Hollywood. It consists of grape seed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter and adds a hint of color on your lips.

Full Metall Shadow by Yves Saint Laurent
I was not in need of a new eye make-up, but I was in shopping mood. That´s why this product has landed in my basket.

Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick
It was love at first sight as we entered a Sephora store in Barcelona. This blue lipstick was smiling at me so that I simply had to grab and to buy it. Yes wearing a blue lipstick is indeed something uncommon, but I just had to buy the lipstick in my favorite color and to give it a try. If I am brave enough, I will show you how it looks on me soon on the blog!

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