Dining out in Barcelona

by Ivana
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When we were the very first time in Barcelona, I remember that we loved everything about the capital of Catalonia except the food. Somehow we have experienced typical tourist traps and we got very disappointed when it comes to dining out in Barcelona. The dishes we tried were not delicious and cost a lot of money. That´s why we decided to be very picky this time and we had luck. So I want to introduce to you some great places for eating out in Barcelona.

Let´s start with La Deliciosa. This became somehow our favorite Restaurant in Barcelona. Since we spent some hours on the beach every day we had also our lunch or snack on the beach every time. We both were amazed by the delicious offer of La Deliciosa. We enjoyed a great burger, tex-mex nachos and the best Tzatziki I´ve ever tried.

Let´s continue with Chök.

This patisserie is perfect for breakfast. The selection of the sweets is amazing. It´s so hard to decide what to take, a filled donut, a cronut, a kruffin etc. We were totally into exploring new stuff, so we picked cronuts and kruffins. Extremely delicious!

Les Tapes Del Pinxo

I will keep this exclusive restaurant forever in good mind. My hubby surprised me with a dinner at Les Tapes Del Pinxo. We had a romantic night with delicious food. It ain´t cheap but it´s worth every cent. We tried some amazing tapas like tapa #03 (salmon tartar with trout roe and rosemary oil, accompanied by shitake ), tapa #06 (tuna marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, accompanied by guacamole), tapa #09 (prawn croquettes with a spicy olive oil and garlic sauce), tapa #11 (pinxo of large prawns in tempura and green mojo sauce), tapa #13 (double pair of cod fritters), tapa #17 (acorn-fed cured ham matured for two years in the cellar). We can recommend all of them to you.

If you have any suggestions on good restaurants in Barcelona, feel free to share in the comment area.