Don´t be afraid of black dogs

by Ivana
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Hey my fellow dog owners and dog lovers, this post is all about the fear of people when it comes to black dogs, also called the black dog syndrome. Since we do own Flacky, I am confronted that people are running away when they even see him. Where does this fear just come from? Does black stand for evil in anyway? Or like in many cultures does it bring misfortune? Well a black dog is not a black cat 🙂 (I don´t share the opinion that seeing a black cat causes a bad situation). Is it that black dogs ain´t that cute like the other colored four legged friends? I won´t say that. For example our Flacky has a totally cute head and the typical doggy eyes you just can´t resist. A look in his eyes and you fall in love with him. Is it in the parenting? Do parents teach their kids to stay away from and be aware of black dogs? Is it because of the old films they know from their childhood, where big and black dogs were shown as the mean ones?

In our case it can´t be the fear stigma against the breed type. He is not a pitbull (I don´t agree that all pitbulls are dangerous), it´s just a cocker spaniel, they are known for their cuteness, not dangerousness. Recently I have read that black dogs are often given for adoption in favor of light colored ones. Can you believe that? Well in our case it was the other way around. We have adopted a black dog. you can read all about Flackys adoption story here. Flacky was 8 months old when adopted by us, we knew that something bad must have happened to him, because people were and still are very suspect to him, especially men. He uses to bow-wow sometimes at unknown persons, especially when I or Naomi are around. He feels kind of that he has to protect us. Our vet told us, that Flacky probably has been beaten by people before we got him. Allthough the bow-wow at strangers, he is so kind. He would never ever bites someone. Indeed he is a very calm and such a good-hearted soul. And it´s breaking my heart to see everyone going crazy about our little girl Naomi and spoiling her while ignoring Flacky at the same time. People judge him by its color. And like with all kind of discriminations the public shall be educated about it.