Favorite Fall Must-haves

by Ivana
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Fall has a lot´s of pros like the beautiful red and yellow leaves, a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks or the cosy nights inside with comfort food, candles and a good movie or series. But what´s the best thing about fall? Yes, the amazing fashion. Of course I don´t like all fall trends of this season like culottes (they look strange to me, but this does not mean that I will not get used to them and maybe give them a chance in future) or the menswear flats (not sexy at all). This season I am more into capes and ponchos, overknees, assymetric and black leather skirts and red and blue plaids.

Here come my favorite fall must-haves:

1. Ponchos & Capes
I am totally addicted to capes. I am falling for the classic cape, cape coats, cape dresses, cape tunics and you will find all of them in my closet except a cape dress. I hope to find the perfect one this year. The same with ponchos – I just can´t get enough of them.

2. Overknees
Overknees used to be called bitchy in the past, but now they are the ultimate in shoes and are sold out in minutes. I have one pair of overknees in black, but I will definitely invest my money in a second pair this fall.

3. Plaids
The runways were full of plaids, especially the red ones. I love blue plaids too, my constant readers know that I am obsessed with this color.

4. & 5. Assymetric & black leather skirts

My favorite clothing item in fall? A skirt! In summer I am obsessed wiith dresses, in fall with skirts. This season is all about nude colors. An assymetric skirt is on my wishlist and I hope to find soon the right one. Like last year black leather skirts should not be missing in your wardrobe, it does not matter if faux or real leather.

Do you love the fall fashion as much as I do? And what are your must haves for this season?

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