Light Blue Lipstick

by Ivana
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Do you remember my beauties of the month where I presented you my new blue lipstick by D&G? I promised you that I will demonstrate it on myself, if I am going to be courageous enough. Since some of you asked me to do so, of course I can´t say no to you. 🙂 So this weekend I was brave enough to wear it on a cinema date with my hubby Iwan and my nephew Luka. How I felt with a blue color on my lips? In the beginning a little bit funny, but I got used to it very quickly. My nephew told me that my lips look strange but in a positive way. So no way someone is not going to recognize your lips and you get definitely attention by applying a blue lipstick. And no worries if you are not comfortable with it. After a while the blue shifts into a silver shade and in the end you just got a beautiful shimmer on your lips. It is definitely something new, so why not. 🙂

The blue liptick by D&G is available for example at Sephora. I bought mine on our Barcelona trip.

How to style a blue lipstick? With light blue eye make-up and blue clothes. I was wearing my new blue poncho, that I´ll show you soon on the blog.

What do you mean? Lightblue lipstick, yes or no? 🙂