Tips for winter holidays with dogs

by Ivana
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Have you already been together with your dog on vacations in winter? When I think of Naomi and Flacky and how crazy they are about snow I could never leave them at home and spend winter holidays without them. Iwan and I, we would definitely feel guilty and miss them a lot! Our for-legged friends deserve holidays and a change of surroundings as much as we do.

Here come some tips for winter holidays with a dog:

1. When booking a hotel room or a cottage, ask if dogs are allowed as well as for the price per night per dog.

2. Bring dog food and treats (here). Unlike when on a city trip there may not be a grocery store nearby and you may not have the possibility to buy dog meat anywhere near.

3. If you are staying at a place that only allows having a dog but offers no further services bring your own dog bed or a blanket, so that your little fourlegged-friend is feeling cozy.

4. Ask at your stay if dogs bark is an issue. In this case ask in addition if they have dog sitter or a person you can pay for taking care of your dog for few hours. On winter holidays you are probably not going to have your dog all the time with you, for example when skiing, your dog have to stay alone at the hotel room or cottage. Naomi and Flacky do not bow-wow when staying alone at home, but on holidays due to the unknown surrounding they do.

5. Don´t forget to bring pet garment (here), if necessary. Flacky does not need one, but Naomi is freezing without her coat on cold winter days.

6. Make sure that your dog has a chip registration and an adress label, just in case your little cutie gets lost.

7. When you pack for travel don´t forget the care products (hier) and at least two towels. Always free your dog from snow knots and towel him or her down.

8. Don´t forget to bring dog waste bags, just in case your vacation spot does not provide them.

9. You should have some of your dog´s favorite toys (here) with you to comfort your dog while travelling.

10. Make sure you bring natural tranquilizer, just in case your dog gets overexcited during travel.

If you are going to spend your winter holidays in a sunny region, here you´ll find my tips for a summer vacation with dogs.

If you do have additional tips I´d love to know. :)