What´s in my bag

by Ivana
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First of all I want to thank you all for your get-well wishes! I am so happy that I have such great readers and blogger colleagues and I wanna thank you for visiting and reading my blog! You are my motivation!

I wanted to do a post on “what´s in my bag” for so long, so here it comes. I have too many bags, but I wanna start with my beloved leopard Michael Kors Satchel that I presented to you already here. This is definitely one of my favorite autumn bags right now. And what´s in it? A lot!

1. My blue full-grain leather passportholder by H&M. 2. My very old wallet by Mango, but I still love it and so I can´t stop using it in fall and winter. It became somehow my oldie but goldie. 3. Fresh Hands by Lysoform to kill all bacterials. 4. The fine one one rouge by Benefit, that was already featured in beauties of the month in October. 5. My H&M makeup bag, that is currently available in stores. And what´s in it?

6. The amoreuse lip balm by Lollipops Paris. 7. My ravishing rose lipstick by Maybelline, that you saw already here and here. 8. Currently I am using the even skin tone beautifying foundation by Catrice. It was in one of the glossyboxes. 9. The snowflake certified organic eyeliner by marsk, that I use almost every day this fall. In the beginning I felt strange using such a bright shade as eye pencil and now I can´t imagine my eye makeup without it. 10. The NYX black glitter eye pencil. On the most days I apply the black and the snowflake eye pencil together. 11. Ivory Queen nail polish by ciaté. 12. My E-144 Emité eye shadow brush. 13. Girl talk No 45 eyeshadow by Sephora, that I bought in Barcelona this summer.

What else do I have in my bag? 14. My keys to our flat with my beloved MCM heart keychain. 15. A Paulo Coelho calendar to lighten up my weeks with its weekly motivational quotes. 16. My brand new iPhone 6s in roségold. 17. I always do have a fragrance with me, currently Le Bain by Joop.

I have to say that I change and repack my bags every single day. So I am definitely going to do more on whats in my bag posts in the future 🙂

I wish you all a good start to the week, stay healthy and positive.