Naomella Review 2015: Top 10 Posts

by Ivana
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Hey guys, today I want so share with you which blog posts have been the most popular in 2015 on naomella.local. Let´s make a review. I can tell ya I was surprised when I saw on Google Analytics which articles were leading. I also want to use this possibility and to thank everyone of you for visiting, reading and leaving comments on my blog. I am very happy and proud of having such an international community. That´s what I love about blogging, there are no borders, nationality and religions do not care! So let´s take a look which posts had the most klicks.

1. 20 Facts about me
Uuh I was damn surprised that this is the most klicked post of 2015. I thought actually that one of the outfit posts will be the most read one. But I guess we are all curious about the persons behind a blog and about their personalities and private life. So let´s do another article in 2016. I want to share another 10 facts (yes not 20 the next time 🙂 ) with you. So let me know what you want to know about me or Iwan or Naomi and Flacky. Leave me a comment under this post or let me know via e-mail.

2. DM Christmas Boxes

Also a surprise for me. Probably this post had so much readers because of the popularity of this drugstore in Austria and Germany, but also in another European countries like Serbia etc.

3. New in: Tommy Hilfiger Rainboots via ABOUT YOU

Of course I expected this collaboration to be in the top ten, but I never though that this rain boots would win the race when it comes to fashion posts. 🙂

4. Otto Blog Award

I liked my outfit for the Otto Blog Award a lot and I know that many of you were falling for my leather skirt (that is by the way still available), so I expected this post to be in the top ten.
5. I love you Autumn

I love this look and the photos, so no surprise.
6. Suede Green meets Gold

No surprise, this look got such a great response.

7. Tips on Organization and Time Management

I knew through your comments that you liked my provided tips a lot. So in 2016 there are going to be much more posts like this one.

8. Off shoulder dress
A surprise, but okay light blue denim was the color of the summer and I am happy that you liked my look. 🙂

9. A cute Adoption Story

The only dog post that made it into the top ten. (Tips for a summer vacation with dogs almost made it.)

10. Beauties of the Month

When I decided to do a whole post on blushes I was afraid that you will find it a little bit monotonous, but it came out that it is the most wanted post on beauty love. This is for sure just because of all the beautiful pink shades 😉

What to expect in 2016? A new website! No idea when exactly we will finalize it, but the work is in progress and I can´t wait for it. There will not be extemely changes except on category pages – they will get a whole new look. I want to show you much more outfits than this year and also more posts on tips. Hopefully I will be able to post more often.

One more time – thanks a lot for your support in 2015! This means a lot to me! And don´t forget, there will be another  “facts about me post” in 2016 –  so let me know what you would like to know. 🙂