Tips on Organization and Time Management

by Ivana
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Are you as overwhelmed as I am by your too long to do list and the day just flying by from time to time? There is so much to handle on a day and we all want to make it as perfect as possible. Beside work, on what we focus most of our energy, we want to be a good wife/girlfriend, a great mom/aunty, the best friend, a great sister, good in shape etc. And yes then there is the household too. And even if you have a cleaning lady or a partner who contributes as much as you do to keep the home clean, you have to spend time on that as well. And if you are a blogger too or if you do have any other hobby you are passionate about, twenty-four hours a day seem to be too short in anyway. I am always grateful for organizational advices that’s why I want to share today my tips with you.

Work with to do lists and prioritize them
We all know that we have to write down our tasks to make sure not to forget them. Once I got the great tip to prioritize my tasks. A-tasks are important and urgent, B-tasks are important, C-tasks ain’t that important, but have to be done too. I do like to use various colors for this different priorities to get an even better overview.

Work with a “done list” instead of a “to do list” on bad days
Everyone has a bad day from time to time and that’s okay. When you wake up in the morning and you feel that this is going to be such a day, put the to do list you prepared for that day aside. Instead write down what you have all done that day. This way you take the pressure from you and you still will be able to accomplish things.

Set a timer for 10 minutes for the unpopular tasks
Your to do list will for sure consist of some task that you are not that motivated about. Just set a timer for ten minutes and say to yourself that you are only going to work 10 minutes on that unpleasent task. Do you know what happens in most of the cases? You don’t quit after this 10 minutes, you continue working, because you have overcome you weaker self.

Write down at least 3 positive things from your day before going to bed
How this is helping staying organized? This helps you cherish not only the big great things in your life, but also all the lovely little things that you would have overseen. By noticing them this gets you automatically in a good mood for the next day. You can write down simple stuff that put a smile on your face during your day like having a great phone call with your aunty, eating that delicious brownie, cuddling with your dog/cat etc. – anything that makes you happy.

Write down what’s bothering you
In order to stay focused you need a clear head. A great possibility to free your mind is to bring everything that you are worrying about down to paper. Unless you are having a diary and doing it anyway, this is what I can recommend you, what works for me. If your boss said something stupid to you or if you had a fight with a friend or even if you are angry with god, just write down what you would like them to know. You don’t have even to be polite, they will never read that and you will feel better.

Track your finances
I use the app LiveExpenses to track my incomes and spendings. I can tell ya, how shocked I was after the first month of tracking about how much money I do spend and on what. So helpful to know where your money is going.

Every day before I go to bed I try to put everything at its place. If you should be too tired than try at least to spend 15 minutes on that. When you wake up in the morning and you have a quite neat and tidy home you will feel more motivated to start the day.

I love scheduling my day with the daily planner by AlexiaClaire. I found it on Etsy and thanks to this planner scheduling a day is more than just bringing your tasks down to paper. You can note what you have eaten that day, so that you have a good overview about your eating habits and get this way a good control over your health. I am really struggling with drinking enough fluids every day. Somehow I can live without water & co., what’ s extremely unhealthy, so this planner is helping me a lot. Further there is space to write down what you need to buy and how much money you have spent that day. You can also track if and how much you have exercised (I have definitely to improve here) and this daily planner also recommends you to note three positive things at the end of each day.

I would like to know your tips on organization and time management, so let me know šŸ™‚