ZALON by Zalando

by Ivana
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In cooperation with ZALON by Zalando. Do you already know ZALON? No? Then let me tell you a little bit about it. ZALON is a style consultation offered by the online retailer Zalando. Recently I got the chance to give it a try and here comes how it works and what I think about it.

Everything goes easily. On ZALON.AT you have to fill out a questionnaire so that the stylist gets all the needed informations about you. First several streetstyle pictures will be shown to you and you have to decide if you like or dislike this look. The stylist also wants to know what your favorite colors are when it comes to clothing, what brands you love and also what you don´t like like animal prints, allover prints, fake fur etc. ZALON also wants to know, how much money you spend usually for clothing to ensure to send you fashion items of the right budget. You also have the possibility to upload some pictures of yours so that the stylist gets an ever better impression of you, your styling and your body size.

The next step is all about your stylist. All of them are introduced with picture and a small description. I just say decisions, decisions, because ZALON has many stylists for you. Really on is spoilt for choice. Great is that your are going to have a phone call with your stylist, so that she/he learns a little more about your fashion needs. It´s so convenient that some stylists are available after work and on weekends, so that you don´t have to do the call while you are at work. I had my phone call on a Saturday and my stylist was reliable and called on time.

I was surprised how fast my box has been delivered. I am really in love with the packaging, the violet flowers on a white backround. The content of the box? My stylist send me three blouses, one over-all, one poncho, boots, a grey scarf, a hat, a black dress, a burgundy skirt and leggings. Of course it was on me to decide what to keep and what to return. I decided to keep the hat and the leggings. I was looking for the perfect hat for so long and finally I got one. Unfortunately the sweet blouses and the lovely skirt were to large, so that I had no other choice than to return them.

I love the fact, that Zalando is offering this service for free an that there are no shipment fees to pay.

In my opinion ZALON is perfect for those, who are not that into shopping or for people who just don´t have time for it and for those who needs fashion advices or want to expore something new.

How about you? Have you ever tried out a style consultation? I´d love to know.