A Jaffa Orange Cake

by Ivana
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Iwan had this week birthday and for this special occasion I made a jaffa orange cake. This recipe belongs definitely to the category food porn and is perfect for celebrations or for a cheat day. My aunt gave me this recipe while I was short of time and in doubt buying a cake for Iwan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to buy a cake in the grocery store when in a hurry, but I just think it’s not special enough if you truly love someone. For sure you know the excitement and the happiness, when someone bakes a cake for you and I wanted to put a smile on the face of my hubby. For this cake you just need few ingredients and only about 20 minutes.

What do you need?

500 g Jaffa Cakes
250 ml Milk
125 g Butter
Whipping Cream

Step 1: Cut each soft cake in 4 pieces and put the slices in a baking dish.
Step 2: Heat the milk and add butter.
Step 3: After the warm milk has melted the butter pour it over the soft cakes and stir.
Step 4: Leave it over night or for few hours in the fridge before adding whipped cream on the top.
Step 5: I prefer to add some decorations – it looks more lovely this way!

It was the first time I made this cake and we both were excited about the taste. It’s extremely delicious and surprisingly fluffy.