My Accessories on Sale – Part III

by Ivana
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Hey guys, let´s continue with the series my accessories on sale and with part three. What do you think about sales in general? Do you like them or do you avoid them? When I was a student I used to shop all the time and only at sales. Of course as a student you don´t have that much money and you can not afford so many expensive stuff. With the very first full time job I quit buying goods at sales. The reason was that I used to buy clothes and accessories that I would usually not buy. So I got them only because they have been on sale and not because I truly wanted them. So what happened? I avoided sales for years! But also that changed! Now I can really enjoy sales, because I am mature enough to buy just all the pretty little things I truly fall in love with and I do save money too. Here are some of my accessories that are on sale now.

The statement necklace from the first photo is available at Mango.

Bracelet by Michael Kors

Statement Earrings and Necklace by Mango

I am a big fan of  Jana Ina Zarella´s jewels line. Yellow Bracelet and peace charm by Gab & Ty.

Statement Necklace by Mango

My beloved watch by Michael Kors, that I wear almost every day is now also on sale.