Office Outfit needed

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Fashion ID. Although my closet is full of clothes, I had recently the feeling, that I don´t  have appropriate business clothing. I had an important meeting and I was in panic before leaving home, because I just had no clue what to wear. Iwan was laughing at me and was a little bit angry too. He sad ‘seriously you have over 50 dresses but none of them suits for this appointment’. It´s hard for a guy to understand why we always complain not to have enough clothing. 🙂 The dilemma ‘a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ is also hard to explain. Well in the end I found a dress for this meeting but at the same time I realized I have to get more classy outfits. I need more of those simple clothing without all the bling bling hanging in my closet. So I am going to invest my money in some great business looks. I have found amazing classic pieces at Fashion ID. I was looking for some items that are perfect for serious business meetings but at the same time they have to be a little bit edgy and so representable for my very personal style.


Some pieces are now on sale. How do you like my selection?