Snowfun with Naomi

by Ivana
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Hey guys, I hope you had an awesome weekend and that you have a great week in front of you! Our weekend was full of quality time since Iwan had a day off on Sunday and worked only few hours on Saturday. Usually he’s working on weekends so we enjoyed the last two days to the fullest! On Saturday we had finally snow in Vienna (that unfortunately last just one day, today it´s rainy) and we spent the whole day with our dogs outdoor. They are crazy about snow and we all had so much fun. Yesterday we shooted a new look that I’ll present to you in the next blogpost! For today I want to show you some cute photos of Naomi enjoying snow. Believe me it was really hard to take pictures of my dogs, since they were very active while playing in the snow. Photos of Flacky will follow soon on the blog! Tell me about you! How was your weekend? Do you have a dog? Does your dogs love and enjoy snow too?