Beauties of the Month

by Ivana
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Kicking off this week with the beauties of the month. I have reviewed products by Yves Saint Laurent, Smashbox, Origins, Noxi Doxi and Emité. Like always you’ll find only products I have tested and I am convinced of. If I don’t like a product, I do not present it on the blog. Do you own or know any of the following ones? Let me know in the comment area! Wishing you all a great start to the week!

NOXI DOXI Enhancing Serum Base
I used this serum only in the morning before my day cream although it is suggested to apply it in the evening too. This serum is like a gel in consistency. It is so special because of the CRC6 ingredient, a moisturizing complex. Immediate hydration, tighter pores and glowing complexion are guaranteed. This serum is highly recommended to smokers because of its antioxidant action. (By the way I am a non-smoker!)

Smashbox Lip Color
Lipgloss or lipstick? Decisions, decisions! Not anymore! Its both in consistency although you apply it like a lipgloss. Intense in color, with vitamin E.

Rouge Pablo Nail Polish by Yves Saint Laurent
I would be crazy if I’ ll buy another nail polish, I do own too many! But my lovely friend Yvonne suprised me for christmas with this lovely nail lacquer by Yves Saint Laurent and also with a mask by Origins and a lip color by Smashbox. This beautiful shade is something between red and pink.

Drink up Mask by Origins
This mask is like an energy drink for your skin. Thirsty skin feels hydrated and smooth thanks to algae extracts and Apricot Karnel Oil. Apply it for 10 minutes. I am amazed by this mask, but I generelly love all products by Origins.

Emité Base Primer – Diamond Heart
You can use it as a primer under your bb cream or foundation or on its own. Your skin gets a healthy and beautiful glow. It makes the skin even and smooth.

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