Heart-shaped Jewels for Valentine´s Day

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

In the past I was totally into heart-shaped jewels for Valentine’s Day. Most of the time Iwan surprised me with accessories of Swarovski, but this year there’s nothing I’d love to have from their newest collection. So this time Iwan has to figure out on his own what a great present would be. Usually I give him hints, but this time there’s nothing that I consider as a must-have and that Iwan took a day off from his work for this years Valentine’s Day is in my view the best present he could make me. (Usually he has to work Sundays, since he is working in the gastronomy!) This time for the first time we are celebrating the Valentine’s Day together with another couple. My cousin Milan surprised his girlfriend with a city trip to Vienna and so we are having guests from Serbia over the weekend. By the way this reminds me that I should asap clean the guest room that we usually use as a storage area or a “whatever room” like for fitness or to hang out the laundry. So the four of us are going to enjoy the beautiful Vienna this Valentine’s Day. We will visit some tourist places and we will have running sushi for dinner. What are your plans for the Valentine’s Day? Do you have any wishes?

Necklace by Pilgrim