The stupid follow for follow then unfollow game

by Ivana
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Today I’d love to do an Instagram review. I know that some of you are already following me on Instagram, so sorry that the photos are not a new content for you, but I promise you there will be a new post in few days on the blog. For all the others I hope you like my pics and of course I am happy about every single new follower. Apropo follower, I have to say how this whole follow for follow and then unfollow game is so annoying! What’s the point in it? Just last week a blogger, who I don’t know in person, but she left few times a comment on my blog posts (I have to say it was obvious that she was not reading my posts but just commented to leave the link of her blog – something that I don’t like too!) ask me to do a follow for follow. Since I follow all bloggers back – yes I am more into supporting each other and not seeing us as rivals – of course I said yes to her and followed back. What happened? Within 24 hours she unfollowed. Really? WTF? This is so dishonest and disrespectful. I (and I guess almost all other bloggers out there too) do use the unfollow app, so I know who unfollowed and then I do unfollow too of course. I have to say that I am really sorry that bloggers treat each other this way on social media and I don’t know why so many have to define themselves by the numbers of followers. Furthermore it is not a secret that so many bloggers do buy cheap followers. But it is so obvious when you see an account with 11k followers but only 150 likes per photo that 10k are bought and fake followers. No I won’t judge them. I am going to be sorry for them, because they don’t know what really counts in life. Ever heard of values to live by? I guess why they do this has to do a lot with their low self-esteem, but also because they think they will get more cooperations. If it´s important to you to have a huge number of followers, (I have to say to me it´s not and I am not a fan of social media at all) then get them in an honest way and through hard work. You can for example place ads for few euros/dollars or you can join blogger facebook groups (but don´t expect fairness here too) to increase the number of followers. And yes you can have collaborations and sponsored posts by playing fair, being true and with a small number of followers and whithout cheating. At least it’s working for me! How about you? What´s your opinion on this topic? Are you also sick and tired of the follow for follow then unfollow game?

#Throwback, Lily Beach Resort, Maldives – this is by the way the spa area of this resort

 #Throwback, Huvahendhoo

human hair U part wigs

Balayage hair for the first time. My hair dresser in Vienna is Schernhorst.

A funny pic of me, my hubby Iwan and my nephew Luka, taken at a Serbian holiday on the 20th January this year.

Coffeebreak with a lovely friend


My cousin Milan surprised me with the most amazing greetings ever. (It´s written in Serbian.)

abstract painted backdrops

#Throwback, Santorini, Sunset of Oia

Flacky loves my Moschino iPhone case, since he think it´s a toy. 🙂

Selfmade muffins for breakfast on a Sunday

  Running Sushi at Valentine´s Day

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