My Ice Cream Shaped Bag

by Ivana
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How cute is this ice cream bag? It was love at first sight when I saw it at Newchic. Finally last week the package arrived and I also had the opportunity to wear my new beloved bag. I also got a cupcake shaped bag that I’ll show you soon on the blog or on my Instagram account. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love cupcakes and ice cream. Yes I have a sweet tooth, so it was clear that I’ll be overwhelmed by my new bags. Both bags are very small and so ideal for my walks with Naomi and Flacky. I just have my keys, dog waste bags and my iPhone with me when walking the dogs. My small bags are also perfect for unplanned meet ups with a lovely friend who lives nearby. How do you like my ice cream shaped bag?

 Ice Cream Bag by New Chic

By the way this bag is on sale right now.

Crépe Dress by H&M

Unfortunately we had rain while shooting.