Jewels with a special meaning

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

Today I ‘d like to share with you my most precious jewels. I am not talking about the price, it’s more a special memory that makes these pieces so valuable for me. Let´s start with a vintage necklace I got from my father fifteen years ago. This is the very first vintage thing I ever called mine. The silver necklace consists of nine heart-shaped charms. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I am into heart-shaped jewels. Since I do own this jewel for so long and I do love statement pieces, this vintage necklace is so special to me.

Let’s continue with a golden chain including a zirkonia I got from Iwan for our first New Year’s Eve. I do have Serbian backround and the handing out of gifts is at New Year´s Eve instead of at Christmas. Since I received a gift from him already few days earlier at Christmas, I did not expect a New Year´s  gift anymore. So this has been such a lovely surprise, especially since we were a couple only since 3,5 months at that time.

Unfortunately I do not own many things that belonged to my deceased mother or that I got from her as a gift, but everything I got from her I treat like the biggest treasure. I clearly remember one of our trips to Serbia where she bought me this white gold ring and this silver bracelet. It crosses my mind that I have to bring both to the juweler to be repaired, so that I can wear them again without the fear of loosing them.

I got this lovely golden necklace with the heart charm including an “I” that stands for the first letter of my prename from my parents when I was a baby. This jewel is something that reminds me of my beautiful childhood in former Yugoslavia. Shame on me the last time I’ve travel to Serbia was five years ago. Belgrade, I miss you!

I´d say that my whole family has a special connection to Greece. If you remember my post 20 facts about me, you know that I also have studied Greek. So I also love and collect jewels with Greek marks.

Do you also have any kind of jewels that mean the world to you and are special memories?