When our little ones get hurt

by Ivana
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Those of you who are following me on Snapchat (Username Naomella) may know that Flacky has some healthy issues. So here’s what happened. The other day few weeks ago it was on a Friday afternoon I saw that Flacky could not move his hind legs. I realized that while I was on the phone with a friend who just lives around the corner. She immediately said she’ll come over and drive us to the vet. At the vet they x-rayed his backbone and diagnosed disc prolapse. For one week Flacky had to visit the vet every day! He got infusions, cortisone injections, aspirins and b vitamins. First thing the vet told us was, we have to wait and to see how and if he will recover. After hearing this shocking news, we did not panic. Deep inside we both knew that everything will be fine again. But things were not that easy! The first days Flacky was not allowed to move at all. Iwan took holidays to take care of him. Flacky needed 24/7 care. Due to aspirins he had to pee every 3 hours and since Flacky was not allowed to do stairs Iwan had to carry him. The first two weeks he has made such small steps forward that we started worrying a little bit. What if he will not recover? We both can not imagine a life without Flacky and Naomi, not now, both are just too young (Naomi is 6 years old, Flacky 5 years) for such a cruel scenario. Finally, weeks later the things got better. Flackys left foot recovered fully, while he continued not to use his right foot at all. We massaged him, trained his right foot and with time he got the feeling in his right foot back. Yeah, we all were just to happy. The vet, Iwan and I. He’s still not allowed to do stairs or to jump, but he is slowly recovering. Although this process will last the next months, we know that he is a fighter and he will be healthy again. It is not sure if he’ll recover completely, but Iwan and I believe that he will. So guys this has been one of the main reasons why I had to neglect my blog baby Naomella the last weeks, but my other baby Flacky needed me and will need me the next months too. I hope you understand this and I promise I will try to blog as often as I can.