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by Ivana
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Do you prefer online shopping or in store shopping? I am totally the online shopper. It just saves me so much time and over the years I really got unused to wait in the queues and to waste so much time on changing clothes. For me it´s easier to order the stuff I am falling for online and to return the package if something does not fit or does not look like on the website. Yes there are few disadvantages of online shopping too and of course you also don´t have to mind to go to the post office to send things back. If you are too lazy to do so, it costs you much money in the end and you will always have a strange feeling when you look at your mispurchases. Instead of making you happy they will remind you of your guilty conscience. So only keep the things you really desire. This is a strict rule of mine when it comes to online shopping. Today I´d love to share with you my favorite online shops. I also would appreciate your tips since I do love to discover new stores.

If I had to choose my favorite brand when it comes to jewels, my answer would be Gab&Ty by Jana Ina Zarella. That´s why the online shop has to be mentioned in this post. I also wear almost in all my fashion posts jewels of this brand for example here and here.

An online store for now only available in Austria and Germany with an amazing selection of fashion as well as vintage and country home living treasures. By the way my earrings holder is from Impressionen.

A fashion online store for Austria and Germany. Here you´ll find beautiful fashion clothing of different labels as well as the of home brand Conleys Black. I got for example this tunic from there.

ebay – e drop-off
You are falling for Louis Vuitton, Prada and Co then you´ll love e drop-off. This company is located in Chicago but ships worldwide and offers new and vintage designer clothing and accessories. Few times I had the luck to be the highest bidder and so I can call some real cute disigner treasures mine like for example this poncho by Burberry.

So many people love Etsy because of the beautiful and unique handmade finds. I actually order from their my beloved daily planner.

At faibles I discovered some gorgeous stuff. This is the store for extraordinary but practical finds.

Loving the wide selection of this online store. It doesn´t matter if you are looking for gowns, maternity clothes or for gifts for your friends. Asos has it all. I am totally falling for Asos dresses like this here.

I had luck to cooperate with Zalando to promote their styling service Zalon. I have to confess that most of the time I order at Zalando not for myself but for the wife of my cousin who lives in Serbia. Since Zalando is not shipping to my home country and my sister in law is all about designer clothes she asks me from time to time to place an order and to forward her the package. So all the expensive stuff I order at Zalando like Furla bags, Moschino boots etc ain´t for me – my heart is bleeding – but I am totally falling for brands like Deby Debo and Mint&Berry that are difficult to find somewhere else.

Maybe some of you remember my blogpost on LionsHome? Well if not, you´ll find all the details about this home and living online shop here.

One one my favorite online stores ever, because it combines beauty, fashion and living. I love the vintage touch of it´s product a lot.

I love blossom
This is an Austrian online shop for handmade vintage accessories. They do deliver also in other countries.

At brandsforfriends you get great stuff for a special price. Here I bought for example my beloved blue MCM bag for half of the price and also they offer great human hair wigs product. After the product you desire is in your basket, you have only 15 minutes to proceed to check out.

Same principle as brandsforfriends, but the selection is more concentrated on home and living. They have so many beautiful stuff and great inspirations, that it is really hard to resist and not to spend much money, once you are logged in.

My falabella bag and also my Anton Heunis earrings I got from here. Fashionette also has great sales offer and you can pay for your purchase by instalments.

An online shop I´ve cooperated with twice. My beautiful rain boots by Tommy Hilfiger as well as my white summer dress and espadrilles I got from here. You can get also exclusive brands like EDITED the label and many more at ABOUT YOU.

There are some more online shops I really do like, but I´ll save those for part two, so stay tuned. 🙂

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