Pets Deli

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Pets Deli. Do you already know Pets Deli? At Pets Deli you’ll get qualitative, healthy and delicious food for dogs and cats. Why I know that the food tastes good? Because of Naomi! While Flacky eats almost everything you serve him, Naomi is very picky! There are days when we have to feed her like a baby, otherwise she wouldn’t eat anything at all. Well guess how surprised we were, when we saw, how much she likes the menu boxes by Pets Deli. Her favorite? Deer with apple and pumpkin. The following sorts are also available: Chicken with carrots and sweet potatoes; deer with apple, pumpkin and sweet potatoes; beef, broccoli, pumpkin and sweet potatoes; beef, broccoli and pumpkin; whitefish, carrots and banana; chicken, carrots and sweet potatoes; turkey, mango, broccoli and rice; kangaroo and carrots.

The menu boxes by Pets Deli consist of a high ratio of raw meat and no animal by-products are used. To ensure the high quality only muscle meat is used. The menus are supplemented with vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, apple, carrots, banana and mango. Some sorts are hypoallergenic and therefor perfect for pets with allergies. The pet-food by Pets Deli is totally natural! No artificial flavor etc. is added. Pets Deli also offers dry pet-food that is gentle prepared by the cold pressive method. This way nutritional values are ensured.

The delivery is prompt. They do dispatch mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays and you’ll get the goods deep-frozen. I have good news for all my blog readers from Austria and Germany! With the code naomella50DE for Germany and naomella50AT for Austria you’ll pay half of the price on your first order. In my opinion ordering the starter package is definitely worth the money and I am sure your dogs and cats will enjoy the food by Pets Deli just as Naomi and Flacky do.