Santorini Impressions – Part I

by Ivana
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Today I ‘d love to share with you some Santorini impressions. Iwan and I were there few years ago and in our opinion this is one of the most beautiful islands and holiday destinations in Europe. Most of the Greek postcards are taken on Santorini. Did you know that? Also many couples decide to marry on Santorini or/and to spend honeymoon there. It is a very exclusive and quiet expensive place, but  definitely worth the money.

We booked our holidays via Tui, since we had such good experiences with this company. (They have organised our honeymoon on the Maldives too.) We stayed at the hotel Veggera. It’s a nice hotel, but I won’t recommend it to you. I think there are much better places to stay in Santorini and we were not that satisfied. We had to change our room and this was only possible with the help of Tui.

When you spend holidays on Santorini it would be a pity not to see the whole island and it’s benefits. So if you prefer to spend your whole holidays lazy on the beach, Santorini is not the right place for you! Here’s what we have visited:

The Volcano Nea Kameni
We booked a trip to the volcano of Santorini. We got there with a boat. Hot springs still do bubble out of the caldera, something you have to see live.

We also got the opportunity to swim in the hot rust brown water near the volcano. The shorter the distance to the beach the hotter the water was. While Iwan enjoyed this experience to the fullest, I was not enjoying this hot water. Somehow I always had on my mind, what if the volcano erupts.

If you are interested in archaelogy you have to visit Akrotiri. This archaelogical site is open to the public so that you can explore the excavations of Akrotiri.

Red beach and white beach
Near the ancient site of Akrotiri you’ll find the very popular and pretty red beach (see first picture)! We accessed the beach by boat that departs from Akrotiri port. Next to the red beach there’s the white beach that you only can access via boat. The different colorings of the cluffs are truly impressive.

Karavolades Stairs
Santorini is also known for it’s long stairs. If you don’t want to walk the 588 steps you can ride a donkey.

Iwan and I decided to walk and we made it, yeah, and afterards we enjoyed good food and drinks including an amazing view on the Aegaen sea.