How to dress stylish while pregnant

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Zalando ADVIZE. Do you already know Zalando ADVIZE? Here you´ll find interesting columns as well as many great fashion and lifestyle tips from gorgeous bloggers. Today´s blogpost is all about pregnancy and how to dress stylish while pregnant. At Zalando ADVIZE you´ll also find ideas about stylish pregnancy. So don´t miss on the great advices and get inspired by Zalando´s new fashion guide.

A pregnancy is a special time for every women. Many women love to be pregnant and enjoy this special phase of their life while others don´t like their pregnancy at all. Also those women are of course happy that there are going to have a baby but if they would have a choice they’ll rather skip the pregnancy. I am not one of them. I love being pregnant and since it was very hard for Iwan and me to conceive we couldn’t be happier. That’s why I really don’t like seeing expectant women complaining. All those extra pounds? I don’t matter at all! Stretch marks? Why not, it could be worse! Nausea and vomiting? Many pregnant women have that in common. I threw up 3-4 times every morning and I had the feeling of sickness all day long! As long as you are not having Hyperemesis Gravidarum everything is fine. And what I don’t get is all the grousing that clothing for pregnant women are not stylish and too expensive. Almost all big brands like for example Zalando do offer maternity wear and also affordable ones.

Here come my favorite pregnancy trends that I love to wear this summer:
I always feel most comfortable in dresses. I also do so as a pregnant woman. I love flower prints and ruffles for this summer and I also like the combination of both. They are perfect for a feminine and romantic look.
Cardigans are great if you have gained some extra weight at your upper arms to mask them.

Hairbands with flowers make pregnant woman look like a good fairy, especially in combination with curly hair.
Pleated Prom dresses remind me of Carry Bradshaw, so you don’t have to miss the Sex and the City style while being pregnant.

Tunics are ideal for the first two trimesters of a pregnancy. Since they have a relatively wide cut, you can wear them for a long time, so you don’t have to invest too much money in maternity looks. The same is true of skirts with an elasticated waist. And if the skirt is long enough you can wear the waist above your belly. This just looks so much better.
In the first month of pregnancy you can wear normal leggings while later you should invest your money in mama leggings, because they have a wide ribbing at the waist for a more comfortable fit.

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Nowadays there are so many possibilities to stay stylish during pregnancy as well as to feel comfortable and sexy in maternity wear. I admit we probably can’t look as fabulous as Blake Lively, but she’s the best proof that fashion can be great fun even while pregnant.