Must have of the Month: Magazine Catch by WestwingNow

by Ivana
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In collaboration with WestwingNow. When checking out first I had no clue what I was exactly looking for. Iwan and bought our flat 6 years ago, so we completed furnishing a long time ago. But somehow there is always some space for new pretty little things, right? And so I felt in love with this beautiful magazine catch by the American brand Jayes and some other stuff, that I will show you in near future on the blog. Many more great magazine catches in different colors and patterns you´ll find here. I can not tell ya how happy I am, that we are doing some renovations this summer and are transforming our guest room into something completely new. I´ll share the new room with you in September on the blog. By now I can tell ya, that some of the decoration stuff I got  from WestwingNow.