Santorini Impressions – Part II

by Ivana
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My lovelies, today I’d love to show you some further impressions of Santorini. In the first blogpost about this beautiful island I introduced to you the Nea Kameni Volcano, the archaeological Akrotiri, the red and the white beach and the Karavolades stairs. Today’s post features of course the impressive place Oia and it’s breathtaking sundown, that you already may know from this Instagram post.

Churches and Monasteries
I am orthodox so visiting Greek churches and Monasteries is something I really love to do. Santorini has more than 250 churches. Most of them have whitewashed walls and blue domes and are so pretty!

Santo Wines Winery
Since Iwan loves wine we had to visit the famous winery of Santorini, especially since wine making in Santorini dates back to thr 3rd millenium BC. On the terrace you have an amazing view on the calderas while tasting wines and enjoying some finger food.

Mesa Gonia
Mesa Gonia was destroyed by an earthquake in 1956. People moved away so that Mesa Gonia has become a ghost town. This is probably going to change one day. Descendants started to renovate the destroyed houses they inherited. So if you are going to Santorini in the next few years, take the chance so visit this ghost town.

Perivolos Beach
At the beach of Perivolos you´ll find amazing clubs and restaurants with very delicious cuisine.

Oia is known for it’s spectacular sunset! Most of the breathtaking pictures of Santorini are taken here. My lovely blogger friend Jasmin from mentioned in this blogpost that she’s already sick of Santorini pictures and is even thinking about cancelling her Mykonos holidays, since both islands are similar. It seems like this summer all the bigger bloggers got sponsored Santorini holidays and she has thanks to the flood of pictures the feeling that she has already seen everything even without visiting the island by herself. That’s why I really want to inform you that most of the pictures of Santorini particulary show this beautiful place, but Santorini has much more to offer than Oia and you all should really give this island a chance. Oia is by the way also perfect for shopping! You’ll find there everything from expensive clothing to affordable souvenirs and jewels.

There will be also a part three of Santorini impressions, since I have some more beautiful pictures in store I’ d love to share with you.