Florals meet Ruffles & Pregnancy Update #1

by Ivana
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My lovelies, first I want to thank you all for your lovely congratulations on my pregnancy. Some of the comments moved me to tears, so thanks a lot guys! This really means a lot! Today I want to show you one of those three outfits, that you saw briefly in my previous post, in detail. And of course I am going to answer your questions about my pregnancy and tell you a little bit more about this exciting part of my life. Let´s start with the dress. My constant readers know how much I love dresses and florals and ruffles and when I saw this dress at H&M I ordered it immediately. It is a maternity dress and I have to confess that I got almost my whole maternity wear from H&M. By the way the pregnancy is the reason why there hasn´t been an outfit post on the blog for a while. I wanted to wait til the 24th week of pregnancy to share this news with you. Why until the week 24? Because from then on the doctors have to fight for a baby´s life in Austria and this is when the save zone starts for me. Especially since Iwan and I experienced a terrible loss last year in the week 20. From my posts Bye bye 2015, Hello 2016 and What I learned about friendships you know that we suffered a terrible tragedy, but I never told you what exactly happened. I will one day. But for now I just want to concentrate on the happiest moment in my life and to enjoy it to the fullest. I am now in the week 27 and we are expecting a baby girl this November. Yes, our little princess has a name already, but no, we won´t tell before the birth. By now, I just can tell you that it is a beautiful French name. I can not tell how I am excited that we are going to have a little fashionista, and having a baby at all, is just like the biggest dream ever coming true. Iwan and I had to fight for this wish for so long and there are no words that could express our happiness. I will tell you more on this topic one day. And no worries, Naomella won´t turn into a baby mama blog, but since it is a personal blog, the category “pregnancy and parenthood” will be adjusted probably. But most of the posts will remain a baby free zone of course.

Here you´ll find the dress by H&M.

I hope you all have a great week ahead of you!