Must have of the Month: Pom Pom Sandals

by Ivana
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Pom pom sandals are the must have shoes of this summer. After reading this blogpost by my beautiful blogger friend Jalisa from I was convinced that I need a pair too. I was looking for two hours online for the perfect ones and actually I felt in love with the creations by Elina Linardaki. Unfortunately the production time would have been too long and since Austrian summers are short I decided to look for a beautiful alternative. I found this gorgeous pom pom sandals at NET-A-PORTER and you know me, blue is my favorite color so it’s even the better choice for me! I have to commit that they are quite expensive, but they are real leather and handcrafted in Greece. If you don’t want to spend so much money on pom pom sandals I can recommend you to look at Amazon, there you’ll find some great bargains. Wish you a great start to the week my lovelies!

 Mabu Pom Pom Sandals by Maria BK