Beauties of the Month

by Ivana
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In collaboration with europa apotheek. It’s time for a round beauties of the month. This issue features products that may help you to fight wrinkles, damaged hair, discolored teeth, hard skin and uneven skin tone. Here are the 5 beauty products I love right now:

Eucerin HYALURON-FILLER Night Cream
We all can use some anti-wrinkle care treatment right? Currently I am using the face cream HYALURON-FILLER by Eucerin. This night cream contains Hyaluronic Acid and Dexpanthenol to target the deepest wrinkles and to regenerate your skin when you sleep. To get an even better result use the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream too.

Scholl pedi velvet smooth electronic pedicure foot file
Summer time is officially over, but this does not mean that we can stop to take care of our feet. One year ago Iwan and I started to use the Scholl pedi velvet smooth electronic pedicure foot file. It buffs away hard skin easily and soft and smooth feet are the outcome. Tip: If you do have too much hard skin, go and have a professional pedicure and use then the Scholl pedi velvet smooth electronic pedicure foot file regularly to fight hard skin on a long-term. Use it only on dry feet.

Luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani
My face tends to have an uneven skin tone and to be dehydrated from time to time. That’s why I always apply moisturizing and fluid foundations with a medium coverage. Currently I am using the luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani. This foundation is oilfree, blurs imperfections and leaves a silk finish on your skin. Matches all skin types.

Gliss Kur Summer Repair Conditioner
The hair care treatment line Summer Repair by Gliss Kur targets summer stressed hair. Monoi-flower extract and UVA/UVB-filter regenerate the hair – for smooth and shiny hair and easy combability. Apply on wet or towel-dried hair, do not rinse.

Whitening toothpaste by swiss smile
We all would like to have shining white teeth, right? The whitening toothpaste by swiss smile was in one of my Glossyboxes lately. Finally a whitening toothpaste that does not damage teeth and gum. This is possible thanks to the smart combination of  Triclosan, Baking Soda und Pentasodium Triphosphate. Without any harsh abrasives or bleach. You can also use it after a professional bleaching treatment at a clinic in order to avoid new staining and plaque build-up.

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